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#1. The World of Divergent

Divergent is set in a futuristic, dystopian Chicago. The world is divided up into five different “factions” that are based on your personality strengths. You are born into the faction that your family is in, but when you turn 16 years old,  you are required to take an aptitude test in which your decision might take you away from your family indefinitely.


noun: faction; plural noun: factions
a small, organized, dissenting group within a larger one, esp. in politics.
“the left-wing faction of the party”

#2. The Factions

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Faction Definitions


  • Self-denial; renunciation of your own interest or desire for pleasure in favor of the interest of others.

Their lives are very simple and devoid of vanity or color. They only wear light or dark shades of gray and are known for being selfless when it come to those who are in need.

Candor|The Honest

  • The state of being sincere and open in speech; a disposition to treat subjects with fairness and freedom from prejudice or disguise.

They are known to be out spoken, truthful, and great friends  because you can always count on them to tell you what’s on their mind and of course the truth! They are usually seen wearing only black and white

Amity|The Peaceful

  • The cooperative relationship between people; a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, affection, and respect along with the degree of rendering service to friends in time of crisis.

Kind. Loving. Free. They are known to be sort of hippies who are in tune with the earth and the goodness of others. The majority of them live off the land and tend to be the cities’ farmers and artists. They can usually be seen wearing earth tones like orange, yellow, or green.

Erudite|The Intelligent

Having or showing profound knowledge that is usually gained from studying; possessing or displaying erudition.

  • Scientists. Leaders. Teachers. This faction is solely based on IQ. Erudites are cocky, smart, headstrong, and sometimes manipulative. They are the elite group that came up with this faction-based world a few years ago. They can usually be seen wearing royal blue, shades of blues with hints of white.

Dauntless|The Brave

Incapable of being daunted or intimidated by one’s fears; being inclined to rush to danger, not away from it.

  • The military, free-spirits or rebels of the cities are the Dauntless. They are the kind to act off of pure adrenaline and are the first to fight. They are brave and fearless, which causes the lot to be in fierce competition with each other. Their roles are to protect the cities and sometimes to cause a little trouble!!

Divergent| All of The Above

Tris is rare because she is Divergent; a person that is: Selfless, Honest, Peaceful, Intelligent, and Brave.

#3. The Characters

The Good Guys:

  • Beatris Prior/Tris- Main Character, Born into Abnegation, Test Result inconclusive, Divergent, Threat to society because of her Divergent tendencies.
  • Four/Tobias Eaton- Main Character, Tris’s love interest, Dauntless teacher.
  • Tori- Aptitude-test administrator, Knows Tris is Divergent and protects her.
  • Christina- Tris’s best friend who is also Dauntless.

The Bad Guys:

  • Peter- Dauntless, Tris’s rival, and he’s a meanie.
  • Jeanine Matthews- Erudite Leader, eradicates Divergent’s which makes her an immediate threat to Tris if she finds out that she is in fact Divergent.

#4. Which Faction Would You Be in?

Take a quiz Here. I’m Amity!!!

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#5. Yes, It is a Book!

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