10 Reasons Why You Must Must MUST Read

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

By Colleen Wyrick


  1. Madeline Whittier, our main character, absolutely loves books. So, avid readers can relate to her obsession very easily.
  2. The book is written in a unique style. It has interesting images and snippets throughout the book such as texts, medical records, fun facts, book reviews, definitions, and more that add to the message and flow of the story.
  3. There’s a movie adaptation of the book so, of course, you have to read the book before you see the movie. It’s just required.
  4. Romance. This book has such raw and deep and beautiful romance that will appeal to any kind of reader.
  5. Relationships. Along with the romance in the novel, we also visit lots of different and difficult family relationships that really just open your eyes to what others’ lives can be like.
  6. Because of Everything, Everything’s writing style, it’s actually a fairly quick read. (I conquered it in one day. Then reread it. Then reread it again.) So you can definitely squeeze it in anywhere, finish it fast, and come out touched and having learned so much.
  7. Life lessons. Everything, Everything tackles life issues and teaches all sorts of lessons about love and loss in many different ways. Whether it’s through math or reading or a destination, there is a method that will relate to anyone. You will most certainly learn a thing or two about life when you’re done with this book.
  8. Adventure. This novel has a ton of adventure and hope and excitement in it. It could be traveling to a new place, or having a first kiss (or first anything), or simply discovering something. Characters bubble with so much emotion that it’s contagious, and we are all taken along for Madeline’s crazy journey.
  9. Characters. The characters in this novel are all diverse and uniquely different from one another, yet they form all kinds of relationships throughout. There is a character for every reader to relate to and fall in love with.
  10. Dialogue. The words spoken between these characters holds so much humour and meaning at the same time that you can’t help but be addicted to them.