by Jennifer Mathieu

Review by: Trini

Available: Sept 2017

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu  is a modern book about a normal high school girl who managed to start a feminist revolution.

Vivian Carter lives in a small-minded Texas town with her mom, Lisa.  Lisa used to be a Riot Grrrl way back in the 90’s.  After a string of incredibly sexist events at Vivian’s school, with the principal (who happens to have a son who is the star of the football team) turning a blind eye to the issues at hand, Viv takes action.

Viv finds her mother’s memory box from her Riot Grrrl days and gains inspiration from the feminist zines they used to write. She creates a zine called Moxie and leaves copies in the girls’ bathrooms.  She anonymously leads the head-strong female students of East Rockport High on a fight for their rights.

This book not only educates about the Riot Grrrls, but really empathizes with what many girls have to deal with.  It teaches you to fight for what’s right and be true to yourself.  It address the issue of is feminism a “dirty word” and teaches you to love yourself.

With modern culture and role models like Moxie, we really are raising a whole new generation of entitled, well-educated, headstrong, feminists.  Watch out, because you better learn to respect them.